I believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the only Son of God, and the Holy Spirit: Three, yet one God. Jesus has paid a debt I owe to God. This debt was one that I could not pay, the consequence of not being able to pay that debt would be to die and to exist forever separate from the God who loves me. The debt arises from the fact that I just cannot live on my own in a loving, righteous way that God demands as a just God. So God, not merely just, but also loving and merciful, has provided that His Son should pay the debt of sin for me by coming to earth as a baby, growing up into a man (fully God, yet fully man). Jesus lived a life perfectly in tune with God’s wishes and laid His perfect life down in the place of my imperfect life. God has decreed that Jesus’s death pays my debt of sin. Jesus was raised to life again on the third day and God has raised me to new life in Christ Jesus. I await for Him to return or to take me home. I pray that I will “preach the Word, in season and out of season”. (II Timothy 4) Let him who has ears listen and understand.